In today’s world, yoga is generally defined as a set of practices or techniques that work to promote physical  fitness, mental clarity, stress management and general well being.

As a student follows the path of yoga a more sattwic (balanced) disposition is  developed, self awareness is deepened, reflecting harmony at all levels – physical, mental and emotional.


Some Benefits are:   

Physical;Provides energy and stamina, Increases strength and flexibility,      Enhances lung capacity and breath control, Improves circulation and digestion,                                            

Promotes functional coordination and ease of movement,

Triggers appropriate stretch reflex easing muscle tension


Mental; Develops greater clarity, concentration, creativity.             

Enhances alertness throughout the day                   

Creates mindful present awareness



Psychological/Emotional; Promotes greater emotional balance and calm,            Eases depression, lethargy and lack of motivation,

Eases anxiety and panic attacks.                                       

Enhances positive attitude


Yoga is not about tying yourself in knots. It does not matter what you can or can’t do, there is no minimum age or skill level required.
Yoga is the practice of developing awareness through sensing the body via asana, breath via pranayama, mind via meditation.


Yoga gets us  out of our head and back into our body.


One of my teachers once said "If you can breathe you can do yoga".



Up Coming Workshops


Restorative  Yoga Is the practice of doing less

taking the time out to relax each day is essential to living well. Restorative postures help to relieve the effects of chronic stress and tension by triggering the relaxation response, this response is physiological state where heart rate, breathing and brain wave patterns slow down. Blood pressure is lowered. The nervous system and immune system are strengthened.


 Next Workshop;


  Shamrock hill Multipurpose Centre


  Cost $50







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